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Heavy duty Flat Sided Stainless steel bucket with hook and handle.

This is great for storing your parrots foot toys, toy parts, bits and pieces etc. It has a hook, so it is easily hung onto the cage bars.

Hook is 2cm wide, so if your cage bars are smaller then that you may have to hang the bucket on an angle or use a pearlink to hang it off the bars.

For extra security you can purchase a QLink from our Toy parts – Hardware category, to permanently secure the bucket to the side of the cage.

This product is available in Small and Large.

Small includes one hooks and suits Small to Medium birds

Large includes two hooks and suits Medium to XLarge birds

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional information

See D.J on right with her Large Bucket filled with beautiful bottle brush flowers, aslo video under Additional Information of her sorting through her bucket. Here is some feedback from D.J's owner: It is just a great indestructible toy that can have multiple uses and will last and last and last. Great for foot toys, great for foraging, great for putting pretty decorations of plants to snack.

Check out Ekko in images exploring all the goodies in his Stainless Steel Bucket Small

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Categories:  Large, Medium, Accessories, Foraging Toys, General, Hanging Toys, Parrot Toys, Small