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This cotton rope is especially made for parrots and is imported from America.

We especially chose this rope as it does not have loose fibres like normal rope, so therefore it is harder for parrots to become entangled.

Currently only available in 5/32" 5mm x 3mm (as seen in image). If you order more than 1 metre length the rope will be kept as one long length.

See size measurements and species suitability below under additional information.

WARNING: Fibre can be very dangerous, if rope fibre separates it can cause your bird to become entangled and if the fibre from rope or material is digested by your bird they can become very ill. Birds cannot digest fibre, so please supervise your bird with rope or material products and watch the products for deterioration. Please read the following article on the dangers of rope and fibre click here

Why we sell this product? The reason we sell these products is that there are a lot of birds that do not chew rope or fibre. Also selling these products gives us the opportunity to provide people with the education and warning about the dangers of rope and fibre and better equips people to then monitor their birds and assess whether they are rope/fibre chewers or not. Whereas if customers could not purchase these items from us and went and purchased them from another avenue, they would not get this extra education and warning.