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Another great natural chewable foot toy!

This foot toy is made from tightly woven palm leaf and filled with a variety of natural fibres.

Each toy is woven with different colours and in a different pattern which gives them each a different texture. These different textures will keep your bird exploring all angles of this toy.

Small comes in a pack of 3 different square foot toys, 9 packs will receive 3 packs of 3.

Large comes as a single or 3 pack and comes in 3 different colours similar to small size.

Can be used as a hanging toy for small birds by threading a strip of wire through the toy.

Provides chewing fun and stimulation.

Check out image on right of Minnie with her Small Square Woven foot toy & video of Sweet under Additional Information. The Square shape foot toy is exactly the same as the diamond shape, but just in a square shape.