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The Foraging Buffet (Party) Ball may be the quintessential avian enrichment product available. 

Can be used as a foraging foot toy or can be easily added to a Fruit kabob to turn into a foraging hanging toy. 

Available in two sizes 3" (9cm) dia & 5" (12.5cm) dia 

3" suits Small to Large birds

5" suits Medium to Large birds

Made of lightweight, durable polycarbonate, slotted ball can be used in a variety of ways:

    • Stimulates early cognitive learning skills
    • Introduces search opportunities and food finding thru the naturally inquisitive play behavior of baby parrots
    • Aids in the development of motor skills
    • Promotes eye/foot coordination, critical for young parrots who must learn to manipulate objects
    • Interaction with movable objects aids in development of bone and muscle tissue

When used as a Foraging Toy: Fill with treats, fresh or dehydrated fruit, nuts, sliced veggies, large pellets etc. Place on the bottom of the cage or present out of the cage on a flat surface. Parrots will work at the openings to extract the food

When used as a Puzzle Toy: Fill with soft wood pieces, colored paper etc, and add a preferred treat. Search behavior will begin. Parrots will roll the ball around for hours to retrieve the contents.

When used as a Noise Maker: Add a few medium size plastic beads or a bell, parrots will pick it up, shake it and amuse themselves for extended periods of time.

When used as a Foot Toy: The ball is light enough that even medium size parrots i.e. Senegal, Caiques etc. can pick up and hold the ball to retrieve any hidden items. To fill the Buffet Ball: Twist the halves counter clockwise add your choice of foods which might include pieces of fruit, nuts, veggies, popcorn or large pellets. Twist to close.

When used as a Hanging Toy: The ball can be added to a Fruit Kabob to turn into a hanging foraging toy. Please see Related products on right for example.

Product may be hand washed and is dishwasher safe.