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This is an entry level device for parrots that have limited or no foraging experience.

A six inch stainless steel skewer rod or kabob passes thru a three inch clear hanging globe with open slots on the bottom half.

To fill, hold the sphere in one hand and turn the rod counter clockwise, remove the top half and fill with the food of your choice and twist the rod back into place.

Extruded pellets, dehydrated or fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, shelled nuts or millet spray are excellent fill items.

You might pass the kabob thru a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable prior to reassembling to make a tempting lure.

The bell on the bottom of the sphere will attract the attention of a novice forager who may mistakenly think it is a toy.

Refillable, Interactive Foraging Toy that has a Built in Skewer and noisy bell at bottom.

Constructed from Polycarbonate Plastic and Stainless Steel.

Your parrot will love this interactive fun toy!

See size measurements & species suitability under Additional information