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Polycarbonate foraging wheel Extremely rugged construction for BIG, tough parrots

This is a stronger, harder, larger version of the Foraging Wheel Gen 11 - Large

Has 5 chambers that you can fill with your birds favourite treats.

Your bird must spin the wheel to bring each filled section to the recovery chamber.

A challenging device for large parrots such as large Macaws and Cockatoos

Mounts on cage vertically with a mounting plate with access chamber on top. The wheel can be easily removed from inside the cage and fill with your choice of food or treats. Suits larger food items, nuts, dried fruits etc, see image for e.g food items

Machine washable

See species list for bird suitability under Additional Information 

Measures 7 1/2" X 5" X 10" See Additional Info for exact measurements in centimeters.