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Advanced Foraging Concept!

  • Windmill is a very advanced foraging device.
  • Made of durable polycarbonate. 
  • Simply remove the top (unscrew the wing nut at the top, wing nut must be completely tightened once filled) and fill the top chamber with food.
  • Your bird must spin the base, which turns the 3 lower paddles inside the device. When the paddles turn it moves the food or treats to the lower levels until reaching the bottom where it can be retrieved. 
  • Your bird must also continue turning the top wheel, which rotates the top paddles to release small portions of food into the 3 lower paddles. 
  • This toy attaches to the side of your birds cage with double post screw-on fittings
  • This foraging toy is all about searching, discovering rewards and making choices.
  • Only recommended for the advanced foragers!

 See size measurements and bird species suitability under Additional information

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Categories:  Creative Foraging, Medium, Bolt-On Toys, Foraging Toys, Parrot Toys, Small