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Fill the Groovy Forage Ball (7.5cm dia) with shredded paper and then hide your birds treats, fresh or dehydrated fruit, nuts, sliced veggies, large pellets etc. Place on the bottom of the cage or present out of the cage on a flat surface. Parrots will work at the openings to extract the food.

Can be easily turned into a hanging toy with a plastic link and chain, see related products on right for add ons.

Made from hard plastic and comes in an array of colours, as see in image.

Benefits of this toy:

  • Stimulates early cognitive learning skills
  • Introduces search opportunities and food finding thru the naturally inquisitive play behavior of baby parrots
  • Aids in the development of motor skills
  • Promotes eye/foot coordination, critical for young parrots who must learn to manipulate objects
  • Interaction with movable objects aids in development of bone and muscle tissue
Comes in two options:
Single - you can choose this option and then add the quantity you would like. We will randomly provide colours and provide more then one colour when your quantity is more then one.
6 Pack - you can choose this option and we will provide one of each colour.

IMPORTANT Note: Although this ball is made from hard plastic, if your bird is destructive the ball maybe easily destroyed.

See size measurements of each size ball under Additional information.