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These laces are high-quality, veggie tanned leather laces with a consistent strength throughout.

Round 2mm is great for small birds and the not so destructive medium birds. If you order more than 1 metre length the leather will be kept as one long length, up to 10 metres. 5 metre pre-cut lengths available, see pick a size option below. 

Please note the 2.5mm is not currently available. 

Grooved 1/8" (4mm) is great strength for the small & medium birds and the not so destructive large birds. Comes already pre cut at approx 1.2m long

Grooved 1/4" (8mm) is extra thick leather that is great for the big birds who love to chew. 1/4" leather is good for big wood or plastic pieces and is really really tough! Comes already pre cut at approx 1.1m long

See length and width measurements under Additional information.

Check out images on left of a customer who has used grooved leather strips to construct a play gym and used them to make lots of toys.

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