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All Natural and unbleached slices and chunks.

Provides lots of chewing fun.

Great for adding to your small birds hanging toys.

Can be used as natural chewing foot toys or add to your birds foraging toys.

Soft texture for birds that enjoy a soft chew.

Suits XSmall to Medium birds but can be used with large birds especially in foraging toys.

Available in chunks and slices.

Chunks are rough cut so can be ends, slices and variant thickness. Each piece varies in size. Random small to large sizes will be provided. Approx from 2cm to 6cm round to 1cm to 3cm thick and some pieces may be larger or smaller.

Slices are clean cut and uniform in shape. Approx 7cm dia x 1.5cm to 2cm thick. 

This product is safe, non toxic and biodegradable.