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These perches are a step up from multi branches. They consist of a tough java wood multi branch that has toys on the branches.

Toys typically include coloured java wood, bamboo, coconut shell, husk, seashell, cuttlefish, pumice and cob amongst other natural products. These are attached to the branch by tough woven pandan reed. 

Mounting of the branch is achieved via a nickel plated steel attachment assembly at the base end.

Minimal hand crafting, means that the perches retain all their natural features of varying diameters, shapes and angles that a bird needs for foot, leg and general health. 

The nickel plated assembly resists rust and installation, adjustment and maintenance is easily done by hand without the need for tools.

Please note java wood timber is a strong hard timber that may contain splits.

Small branches are best suited to Small birds and Medium suited to Medium to Large birds.

SIZE OPTIONS - Each branch varies, please select from the options below for the type you would like. Each option will have a matching image of the branch that you will receive. 

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional Information.