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Get a Birds Eye View of Nature

Birds of a feather flock together with these two favorite programs from PBS NATURE, now available together on DVD.

Program 1: Extraordinary Birds - Stunning NATURE photography takes flight to capture the wondrous behavior of the world's most extraordinary birds. Follow the warlike falcon hunting for prey, a storm of wild birds who bring a monsoon to an Indian village, the 5,000-mile commute of a tiny hummingbird, and more!

Program 2: Parrots: Look Who's Talking - Co-produced by Thirteen/WNET and BBC-TV in 1995, this fun, visually rich program profiles a bird of magnificent color, both in plumage and in personality. Explore how the illegal bird trade is threatening wild populations, and take a fresh look at parrot conservation. Adoring owners talk about their parrots, including one who loves opera, and another who dunks cookies on demand!

Emmy Award Winning PBS Series

Running time: 112 minutes