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All natural, safe and digestible product for your bird.

Will provide hours of chewing fun!

Great foraging toy too! Foraging tip: Open Pine cones can be sprinkled with treats. Your parrot will chew the pine cone to shreds to eat the treats.

Pine cones can be added to hanging toys, used as foot toys or wedged into the side of your birds cage for chewing.

You can even decorate them and use them as Christmas toys for your birds.

These pine cones have been cleaned and then dried, so can be given straight to your bird.

Please see approx size measurement indication of each size under Additional information. These sizes are only approx, as this is a natural product, so will vary to sizes provided.

Watch Harry with his Pine cone under Additional Information.


EXTRA SHIPPING - Please note if you order 10 or more Pine cones there maybe extra shipping costs over the flat rate fee. These extra charges will be emailed after you place your order. These charges only apply to certain areas. Please read our Extra Shipping notice on our Shipping page, if you are in a Remote/Rural area or in WA, NT and TAS. Link to our Shipping page is available on the top of the page.