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For all sized Birds

This is a great training perch or good to have near your desk on top of the fridge or table, it is also good to use to weigh your parrot on a set of scales.

It gives your parrot something comfortable to sit on while watching you eat, work or play!

The size of the T-stand is designed for all sized parrots.

Perch tops will vary in width size to the picture, please choose a size below. 

Natural bark perch is cleaned and 100% safe. Pine stand and hard wood base are untreated raw timber and 100% safe. 

Some perch tops may have moss & lichen on them, this is harmless to your bird and as quoted by Peter Wilson (Avian Vet) "They just provide extra nutritional and occupational enrichment." To read the full article on Perching Click here.

Small for XSmall to Small birds- Approx 2cm to 2.5cm dia

Medium for Small to Medium birds- Approx 3cm to 3.5cm dia.

Large for Medium to Large birds - Approx 4cm to 4.5cm dia.

XLarge for Large to XLarge birds - Approx 5cm to 6cm dia.

Giant for Large to XLarge birds - These are completely different to our normal T-stands, see image with Macaw for size and appearance. The perch and stand are made with natural timber and base with hardwood timber.

These are great for those big birds like Black Cockatoos and birds with long tails like Macaws. They are also handy if you just want to get your bird higher.

Perch is approx 5cm to 6cm diameter, stands 55cm tall and the base is 29 x24 x 4.5cm thick with a approximate weight of 4 kg.

For easier shipping the Giant size comes in two parts and will need to be wound together (please be careful not to cross the thread)

Images on left of Harry (African Grey) and Chocolate (Galah) on the T-Stand - Large perch. Charlie (Cockatiel) on the T-Stand - Medium perch. PK (Macaw) on the GIANT size. 



Additional Postage charges may apply for the GIANT size only due to its size and weight.

Additional charges apply for areas OUTSIDE of SE QLD, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide metro areas. If you are within these areas there will be NO extra shipping unless you are in a remote area. 

Postage will be invoiced via email once your order has been completed on your end and processed and packed by us, so it allows us to calculate the exact shipping price.

Extra charge may take up to 48 working hours (Monday to Friday) to be emailed after you submit your order.

For a quote on postage please email us.

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