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Great interactive ADVANCED foraging toy!

It’s called the EleWaiter because it goes up and down and serves food.

This toy is for the advanced foragers only and will require assistance until your bird learns and develops a mechanical mind.

Made from all Aluminum and Stainless Steel. This toy is built to last a lifetime.

Perfect for medium to large birds.

Parrots love its bright colours and the clanky sounds it makes as they desperately attempt to turn the helicopter arm to lower the shelves and get to the treat. It takes 18 full revolutions to lower the entire shelves (6 revolutions per shelf).

Put treats inside the three blue shelves, screw the leaver down to close the bottom compartment and let them go at it! Some birds may need to be shown how to unscrew it to reveal their treats. Tip: start with the treat a little exposed and guide them through the 3 levels.

Mounts securely to the side of the cage. 

Dishwasher safe.

Brand Busy Bird

See size measurements and species suitability under Additional Information.

Watch the video on our Facebook page or Instagram of PK (BG Macaw in images) serving up his treats with his new EleWaiter.